Eliminating Violence Against Women Media Awards

About the EVAs Media Awards

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The EVAs Media Awards (Eliminating Violence Against Women Media Awards) honoured journalists for excellence in the reporting of violence against women and celebrated news media contributions to the prevention of violence against women. 


Media entries were judged on journalistic merit with emphasis on promoting community awareness and understanding of violence against women, and inspiring community interest and action. Entries could be print, television, radio, or online news media.


The EVAs were judged by an expert panel featuring representatives from the media industry and the broader community, as well as experts from the violence against women, family violence and sexual assault sectors.


The EVAs ran for the last time in 2013 due to recognition from the Australian Government that a national awards event was needed to share this important work and expand it across the country. The Our Watch Awards commenced in September 2015 to meet this need. Further information can be found on the Our Watch website.



Why hold the EVAs?


Violence against women is a prevalent global issue that threatens the health and safety of many in the Victorian community. Despite its detrimental impact, the causes of violence against women are largely misunderstood. There are also widespread misconceptions about the social conditions that encourage this destructive behaviour.


The media plays a significant role in improving community perception of violence against women. Quality reporting challenges misinformation and damaging stereotypes that tolerate or excuse this issue. Ultimately, better awareness of violence against women will help to reduce its terrible human toll.


The EVAs recognised and rewarded media that demonstrated accurate and insightful reporting on violence against women. They were an opportunity to encourage the continuation of great work already done.


The EVAs were initiated as part of the Family Violence in the News: Strategic Framework, developed by Child & Family Services Ballarat, Pact Community Support and the Helen Macpherson Trust.