Eliminating Violence Against Women Media Awards

Guide to Reporting on Violence Against Women (VAW)

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The EVAs ran for the last time in 2013 due to recognition from the Australian Government that a national awards event was needed to share this important work and expand it across the country. The Our Watch Awards commenced in September 2015 to meet this need. Further information can be found on the Our Watch website.


The EVAs Reporting Guidelines for Journalists was a previous resource available on the EVAs website for journalists, and those working with journalists. It identified some "do's and don'ts" on reporting violence against women, some key statistics and sources for comment. This is no longer a current resource, it lists 2013 statistics, contacts and resources, many of which are now out of date. However, it is provided here as a reference and an example of one of the ways that the EVAs supported improvements in news reporting. 




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